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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We are back

First and for all forget our absence :( there's a few reason's that i can think of to explain the long absence but maybe i should just say that i became lazy, that's just it :-) I know that there are a few friends that actually reads this blog, so to you i would like to say sorry :( I promise i'll do my best to update this blog as much as i can. Looking through my old post, i realized i've missed so many special occassions that i should have blogged, reading through my friends blogs made me realized that i should get my act together and start blogging again, my friend Jade inspire me to do this, she is so good, she told me that her blog is her journal (and her daughter's as well) and i admire her for doing it, i never thought of having this blog like that, such a wonderful idea, so i will try to follow her example :-) (copycat huh!).

Anyway here's what you've missed since the last post:

  1. After we got back from the Philippines ( we didn't have a permanent address at the time), we house sat a friend's place while they were on holidays. (note: we got back from the Philippines right after the floods, most of the waters hasn't receded then)
  2. Kellan had his first birthday, we were originally have it in the South Bank Parklands but it got flooded :( so we have to change venue, we ended up having it an aquatic place, which was still loads of fun.
  3. When our friends came back from their holidays, we have to stay with family as looking for a place to rent then was very hard, it took us a couple of months to finally get one, oddly enough we found a place on the same street on which we used to live, so we ended up moving just a few houses down (yes very weird i know:) but we didn't mind it as we loved the area.
  4. Settled to our new place, bought car and got a puppy (we have to weight 7 weeks to take the puppy home until it was ready to leave his mummy)
  5. We celebrated mother's day in Adelaide South Australia, as we have to attend a wedding down there. Chad was very generous, he bought me a Ghd hair straightener, i've always wanted one but i always ended up putting it off as it's quite expensive and i find it hard to justify buying it.
  6. and a then there was Father's Day in Australia (September) which Kellan and I generally make daddy a breakfast in bed, but he didn't have breakfast that morning because the whole family was having a special fast, we still gave him his present and card that day and he eventually got his breakfast a few days later :-) (better late than never right?).
And obviously there are some things we did in between, but nothing significant.

Sorry i was trying to upload some photos in regards to the events listed above but somehow the photos are not uploading properly, so no pictures :( if you have facebook, you can check out my profile as there are some recent photos there.

I promise to work this photo thing soon, eversince we transfered all of our photos to an external hardrive it has been hard to look for photos or not loading properly etc on my laptop, so let see if I can get it to work when we get back from our snow trip this Friday, so until then.

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Jade Krok said...

Yay! You're back, I've missed you in the blogging world. Kellen will enjoy reading this when's older, plus the all the beautiful photos you take with your snazzy camera!