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Friday, 4 November 2011

Catch Up

Ok I'm playing catch up once again sorry about that so here's a couple of post to start with.. anyway I thought i will post as much as I can before Kellan and I heads back to the Philippines for a holiday. I've been meaning to blog a few pictures I took earlier (like last month) of our little master but keep forgetting to do it. He's our little daredevil, sometimes when we tell him to "stop or No dont do that" he would totally do the opposite (cheeky little boy right?) anyway one day while i'm doing something, he calls me and says "mummy look and Nennan (that's what he calls himself cute huh? ) so here's the picture for that.. I was so scared he'll fall and smack his head but I can't resist but go run for my camera and have to take picture of it to show his daddy..

 Look at the cheeky smile..

so proud of himself

Girls week end away.. 2nd week of October

I wasn't sure at first whether i should blog this, since this blog is mainly about master Kellan but then i thought why not? he needs to know where his mummy gone for that week end..

So all the girls in our family (with the exception of Eden) she was in Adelaide at the time, goes away for the week end for a break, we all went somewhere in the border of Queensland and New South Wales (can't remember exactly where now) but we all had a great time and enjoyed it very much that we decided that we should turn it into an annual girls week end away. One of my sister inlaw organized it this year, we went to Rainbow Beach in the Sunshine Coast this time around about 3 hours drive from Brisbane, it rained the first night and the next day (not all day) that we're there, but we still had a great time, we played board games, laugh like nothing else (oh my stomach muscles hurt afterwards from too much laughing) and when the rain finally stopped Kiersten and I decided to check out the beach, we didn't swim but had a great walk and just enjoyed walking in the sand (free foot massage and exfoliation bahaha) and then we walked back to our apartment and we all went out and played tennis for a little bit.

Then when we had enough, we all decided to go to the beach again, still didn't swim ha ha (too cold for a swim) but all lied down and got a little bit of sun on us (not that i need to more tanning lol) and just enjoyed sound of waves..

After we had enough lying down on the sand, we decided to get into the spa (not much of spa really) the water was more like a luke warm bath what a shame..

Then we had dinner, and games, more treat and more laughing..and then it was bed time :-)

We checked out the next day and we drove to Montville (2 hours drive from where we stayed) it was kind of on our way home but not really (that didn't make sense at all did it? lol) okay so we have to get off the highway and went hinterland, but non of that matters because I heart Montville - I have been there at least 3 times i think or more i can't remember, it's a little touristy town but had the nice country-ish feel to it and the view is beautiful up there, nice little shops, chocolate factory, candle shops, yummy food places etc.. 
We did a bit of shopping, and then sat down and ate lunch and then along the way lost my camera.. back tracked my way and found it at the candle shop where i left it (silly me).

So did that sound like fun to you? well i enjoyed it and i felt relaxed but i was ready to go back to my boys after that. Thank you husband for letting me go on this little outings and thank you for taking care of Kellan and Jedi while i was away, and of course thank you sisters in law and mother in law for the laughs and the company.

here's a few photos that i managed to take...

 ok i wasn't going to post this pic because i look like a mong lol!
but i wanna show you my jump Kier took of me :-)

 my beautiful sister in law Kiersten

a bit blurry and all but you get the picture :-)

 mum will probably hate me by posting this picture lol

 Montville look out by the restaurant


Kiersten Hart said...

Thanks for blogging about this! I didn't take any photos on that trip!

The Kroks said...

How fun! Thank you for blogging since Kiersten is terrible about taking pictures and blogging! Makes me really miss the beach. I am so glad Kiersten has such wonderful sisters to take care of her over there!

Jade Krok said...

I just said to Pacey "do you want to see Kellen" (since we're seeing you in a couple of hours). She got all excited and kept saying "ya, ya, ya!" and nodding. I felt bad since she can't see him right now, so I showed her a pic of him on your blog. Such a cute smile on his face!
Fun girls weekend, but I know what you mean about missing your family by the end of it :)

The cooks said...

Hi Irene, Thanks for stopping by:) Motherhood is really great and loving it its more than what I ever dreamt it would be.Sending you all the best wishes in trying for another baby:) Babies are so much fun!! I didnt have a pleasant pregnancy but I do miss being pregnant :) Your little boy is just too gorgeous and growing so fast. keep well. Xxo Irene

max said...

The kid is so cute and lovely..