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Friday, 4 November 2011

Catch Up

Ok I'm playing catch up once again sorry about that so here's a couple of post to start with.. anyway I thought i will post as much as I can before Kellan and I heads back to the Philippines for a holiday. I've been meaning to blog a few pictures I took earlier (like last month) of our little master but keep forgetting to do it. He's our little daredevil, sometimes when we tell him to "stop or No dont do that" he would totally do the opposite (cheeky little boy right?) anyway one day while i'm doing something, he calls me and says "mummy look and Nennan (that's what he calls himself cute huh? ) so here's the picture for that.. I was so scared he'll fall and smack his head but I can't resist but go run for my camera and have to take picture of it to show his daddy..

 Look at the cheeky smile..

so proud of himself

Girls week end away.. 2nd week of October

I wasn't sure at first whether i should blog this, since this blog is mainly about master Kellan but then i thought why not? he needs to know where his mummy gone for that week end..

So all the girls in our family (with the exception of Eden) she was in Adelaide at the time, goes away for the week end for a break, we all went somewhere in the border of Queensland and New South Wales (can't remember exactly where now) but we all had a great time and enjoyed it very much that we decided that we should turn it into an annual girls week end away. One of my sister inlaw organized it this year, we went to Rainbow Beach in the Sunshine Coast this time around about 3 hours drive from Brisbane, it rained the first night and the next day (not all day) that we're there, but we still had a great time, we played board games, laugh like nothing else (oh my stomach muscles hurt afterwards from too much laughing) and when the rain finally stopped Kiersten and I decided to check out the beach, we didn't swim but had a great walk and just enjoyed walking in the sand (free foot massage and exfoliation bahaha) and then we walked back to our apartment and we all went out and played tennis for a little bit.

Then when we had enough, we all decided to go to the beach again, still didn't swim ha ha (too cold for a swim) but all lied down and got a little bit of sun on us (not that i need to more tanning lol) and just enjoyed sound of waves..

After we had enough lying down on the sand, we decided to get into the spa (not much of spa really) the water was more like a luke warm bath what a shame..

Then we had dinner, and games, more treat and more laughing..and then it was bed time :-)

We checked out the next day and we drove to Montville (2 hours drive from where we stayed) it was kind of on our way home but not really (that didn't make sense at all did it? lol) okay so we have to get off the highway and went hinterland, but non of that matters because I heart Montville - I have been there at least 3 times i think or more i can't remember, it's a little touristy town but had the nice country-ish feel to it and the view is beautiful up there, nice little shops, chocolate factory, candle shops, yummy food places etc.. 
We did a bit of shopping, and then sat down and ate lunch and then along the way lost my camera.. back tracked my way and found it at the candle shop where i left it (silly me).

So did that sound like fun to you? well i enjoyed it and i felt relaxed but i was ready to go back to my boys after that. Thank you husband for letting me go on this little outings and thank you for taking care of Kellan and Jedi while i was away, and of course thank you sisters in law and mother in law for the laughs and the company.

here's a few photos that i managed to take...

 ok i wasn't going to post this pic because i look like a mong lol!
but i wanna show you my jump Kier took of me :-)

 my beautiful sister in law Kiersten

a bit blurry and all but you get the picture :-)

 mum will probably hate me by posting this picture lol

 Montville look out by the restaurant

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy birthday Daddy

We Celebrated Daddy's birthday earlier this month, nothing fancy.. but i think he had fun and enjoyed the company, well we had dinner first and then had our family over for desert (lots of desert) pity i forgot to take a picture of table full of deserts! anyway after we sang daddy a happy birthday and had desert we played singstar (daddy loves singstar) and just basically had fun for the night and enjoyed everyone's laughter and company.

So here are the fun photos on the night.

Good Sign

Our little boy is so sweet, such a good reminder and example to us, I'm glad to know that he's learning and a doer at the same time. Everytime i put him in his high chair he will now automatically folds his arms, bow his head and shut his eyes, so cute.. and then he says his prayer (well copy what i say) We're grateful to be parents of this smart sweet boy, we're thankful that he keeps us on our toes, makes being a parent fun, we hope to be able to raise him the way our Heavenly Father wants us to raise His children, we love him dearly. Thank you for being making us Happy baby.

I uploaded the photos in the wrong order and i don't know how to re-arrange it. He prays first then eats :-) lol!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Must Love Dog

He loves to do pretty much everything with him, he loves playing with Jedi, eat with Jedi, etc.. but they have their differences like everyone else hahaha! but seriously, whenever we go somewhere (e.g to the shops, go to friends house, etc..) Master K would always ask me if Jedi could go too, i often say no except when we're going for a walk to the dog park(obviously lol). I'm glad that we got Jedi when he's a puppy because he loves him and he keeps him company, awhile ago when we just got Jedi i caught K sitting in Jedi's bed in the morning after he just had his breakfast and feeding him food by hand  here's a video of it ( i dont know if that works but i posted it facebook awhile ago), they certainly loves each other, it's a hard work taking care of a dog because it's just like another kid but it's worth it! especially when i hear him giggle and laugh (sometimes he squeals too) when they play together it is just a wonderful thing to watch (except when they had enough of each other).


that awful looking scrape on K's forehead? (if you guys are wondering?) well Jedi didn't do it. Master K is just a little dare devil, he thinks he's invincible sometimes, he dove in our front porch riding his toy car, hence the nasty looking scrape.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Part 2 - The Newb

continuation to the video clip below..

The Snowboard learner

Here's a video clip of me snowboarding! I am so proud of me lol, i think i did pretty good considering the snow is crap and only snowboarded for a total of 1 day, half a day the first time we went up the mountain (2 hours really in snowboard school with my nephews) and then a few hours on the last day, i hope i wont forget and will just pick it up from where i left off for the next snow trip :-) I will post the ending to this video later.

He Love's Her

 I'm pretty sure Pacey is Kellan's first kiss :-) I love Pacey's expression..
she's a gorgeous little girl :-)

I love this pictures of Kellan and Pacey, I love how Kellan is gentle with her, and how Pacey giggles and squeals when she thinks Kellan is chasing her :-) they are so cute together,  Kellan definitely love Pacey's company, i know he is very lucky and blessed to have Pacey as a friend.. I wonder if they'll remain friends as they grow up, I hope they will :-) it'll be interesting to see..

Thursday, 6 October 2011

As promised - our snow trip

I know it's a few weeks late, nevertheless here 'tis...so we went to Falls Creek Victoria for a snow holiday, however the snow wasn't that great at all, i guess we should have expected it since we went at the very end of the season, most of the snow has melted by the time we got there, so poor Kellan didn't even get to play in the snow as planned, he didn't get to experience toboganning, or tubing or even make a snowman or doing snow angel :( but all of these didn't stop us from having fun though.. we still did a lot of things that are fun... and it was fun because we did it as a family and with family members; grandma, grandpa, auntie Nae and cousins were there to share it with us... so to sum it all up, the snow was crap but holiday was heaps of fun...

Firstly we went to a trout farm and all the kids had a go at catching a rainbow trout, i think they all had a blast, then grandpa had to buy all the fishes that they caught, we ended up with 6 fishes (and im pretty sure i ate most of it, well none of the kids would eat it.. so more for me lol)

Also on the positive side, we actually get to see some snow falling the first day we went up the mountain which was really cool..and then it was sunny and warm the rest of the week that we were there.

Well even with the snow being not great, we still went about and did what we had come to do there, Both Chad and I snowboarded, i went to a snowboarding school for 2 hours with my nephews Jacob and Isaac and after that i was done for the day (it was so tiring, needless to say i was wasted). 

The next day we had a rest, and took it easy, we all went to a town called Bright and had a family Pic Nic at the park by the beautiful creek and the kids had a play in the massive playground afterwards which was nice.

And then we went back the mountain to have another go at snowboarding and skiing, this time the snow was even worse, it was so slushy and it almost felt like a glue at some runs..however we still had a ball, i finally got the hang of snowboarding which was awesome!! (it was my goal to at least be able to snowboard by the end of the trip) I was pretty proud of myself, I gues the difference between this time and the time when i first tried snowboarding in Queenstown New Zealand a few years back was, first i took a beginners lesson to begin with which boosted my confidence (a lot!) and i also overcame my fear of falling and actually going down the hill and most of all I didn't give up yay!! 

Anyway what i'm trying to say is it was a great holiday regardless! Thank you family for making it fun, enjoyable and memorable holiday.

I love Kellan's expression here

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We are back

First and for all forget our absence :( there's a few reason's that i can think of to explain the long absence but maybe i should just say that i became lazy, that's just it :-) I know that there are a few friends that actually reads this blog, so to you i would like to say sorry :( I promise i'll do my best to update this blog as much as i can. Looking through my old post, i realized i've missed so many special occassions that i should have blogged, reading through my friends blogs made me realized that i should get my act together and start blogging again, my friend Jade inspire me to do this, she is so good, she told me that her blog is her journal (and her daughter's as well) and i admire her for doing it, i never thought of having this blog like that, such a wonderful idea, so i will try to follow her example :-) (copycat huh!).

Anyway here's what you've missed since the last post:

  1. After we got back from the Philippines ( we didn't have a permanent address at the time), we house sat a friend's place while they were on holidays. (note: we got back from the Philippines right after the floods, most of the waters hasn't receded then)
  2. Kellan had his first birthday, we were originally have it in the South Bank Parklands but it got flooded :( so we have to change venue, we ended up having it an aquatic place, which was still loads of fun.
  3. When our friends came back from their holidays, we have to stay with family as looking for a place to rent then was very hard, it took us a couple of months to finally get one, oddly enough we found a place on the same street on which we used to live, so we ended up moving just a few houses down (yes very weird i know:) but we didn't mind it as we loved the area.
  4. Settled to our new place, bought car and got a puppy (we have to weight 7 weeks to take the puppy home until it was ready to leave his mummy)
  5. We celebrated mother's day in Adelaide South Australia, as we have to attend a wedding down there. Chad was very generous, he bought me a Ghd hair straightener, i've always wanted one but i always ended up putting it off as it's quite expensive and i find it hard to justify buying it.
  6. and a then there was Father's Day in Australia (September) which Kellan and I generally make daddy a breakfast in bed, but he didn't have breakfast that morning because the whole family was having a special fast, we still gave him his present and card that day and he eventually got his breakfast a few days later :-) (better late than never right?).
And obviously there are some things we did in between, but nothing significant.

Sorry i was trying to upload some photos in regards to the events listed above but somehow the photos are not uploading properly, so no pictures :( if you have facebook, you can check out my profile as there are some recent photos there.

I promise to work this photo thing soon, eversince we transfered all of our photos to an external hardrive it has been hard to look for photos or not loading properly etc on my laptop, so let see if I can get it to work when we get back from our snow trip this Friday, so until then.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

just a quick note

I'm so sorry i haven't been able to update our blog for awhile, it has been a crazy couple of months, we moved out of our unit in November, stayed with Jade and Aaron for a month and then we went on a holiday (still in a holiday), then i think we will be house sitting for a little while when we go back home, and then we will be house hunting etc.. so i promise to give you a detailed update with pictures when we get back. As for now, we're enjoying the remaining days of our holiday, Kellan has been spoilt a lot so we have to straighten him up when we get back..He's getting big and cuter each day, he's such a talker, sometimes we think that he says words, Chad braced him this afternoon because he's everywhere and hurting someone (un-intentionally - me :-), hurts himself and we thought we heard him say "let me go" it's so cute and funny..we can't believed he'll be turning one soon.. :( time has gone by so fast...anyway i hope to update you more very soon..I hope every had a wonderful Christmas and a New year! We love you all.