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Thursday, 6 January 2011

just a quick note

I'm so sorry i haven't been able to update our blog for awhile, it has been a crazy couple of months, we moved out of our unit in November, stayed with Jade and Aaron for a month and then we went on a holiday (still in a holiday), then i think we will be house sitting for a little while when we go back home, and then we will be house hunting etc.. so i promise to give you a detailed update with pictures when we get back. As for now, we're enjoying the remaining days of our holiday, Kellan has been spoilt a lot so we have to straighten him up when we get back..He's getting big and cuter each day, he's such a talker, sometimes we think that he says words, Chad braced him this afternoon because he's everywhere and hurting someone (un-intentionally - me :-), hurts himself and we thought we heard him say "let me go" it's so cute and funny..we can't believed he'll be turning one soon.. :( time has gone by so fast...anyway i hope to update you more very soon..I hope every had a wonderful Christmas and a New year! We love you all.

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Jade Krok said...

I was just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing! When do you get back? We miss you! We get back on Sunday night. Matt and I were just talking about how adorable kellen is and how much pacey adores him, it's hilarious!