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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Must Love Dog

He loves to do pretty much everything with him, he loves playing with Jedi, eat with Jedi, etc.. but they have their differences like everyone else hahaha! but seriously, whenever we go somewhere (e.g to the shops, go to friends house, etc..) Master K would always ask me if Jedi could go too, i often say no except when we're going for a walk to the dog park(obviously lol). I'm glad that we got Jedi when he's a puppy because he loves him and he keeps him company, awhile ago when we just got Jedi i caught K sitting in Jedi's bed in the morning after he just had his breakfast and feeding him food by hand  here's a video of it ( i dont know if that works but i posted it facebook awhile ago), they certainly loves each other, it's a hard work taking care of a dog because it's just like another kid but it's worth it! especially when i hear him giggle and laugh (sometimes he squeals too) when they play together it is just a wonderful thing to watch (except when they had enough of each other).


that awful looking scrape on K's forehead? (if you guys are wondering?) well Jedi didn't do it. Master K is just a little dare devil, he thinks he's invincible sometimes, he dove in our front porch riding his toy car, hence the nasty looking scrape.

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Jade Krok said...

Awww... what cute friends!
I love that car, can we borrow it in a few weeks please? Just for that drive in movie thing. We'll be really careful, I promise.
Oh, and I'll come over one day next week and teach you how to make movies :)