Families and Friends are Forever

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

He Love's Her

 I'm pretty sure Pacey is Kellan's first kiss :-) I love Pacey's expression..
she's a gorgeous little girl :-)

I love this pictures of Kellan and Pacey, I love how Kellan is gentle with her, and how Pacey giggles and squeals when she thinks Kellan is chasing her :-) they are so cute together,  Kellan definitely love Pacey's company, i know he is very lucky and blessed to have Pacey as a friend.. I wonder if they'll remain friends as they grow up, I hope they will :-) it'll be interesting to see..


Shinobu said...


Jade Krok said...

You take the best shots!
They don't have a say in it, they WILL be friends growing up ;)
We need to catch up!