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Thursday, 6 October 2011

As promised - our snow trip

I know it's a few weeks late, nevertheless here 'tis...so we went to Falls Creek Victoria for a snow holiday, however the snow wasn't that great at all, i guess we should have expected it since we went at the very end of the season, most of the snow has melted by the time we got there, so poor Kellan didn't even get to play in the snow as planned, he didn't get to experience toboganning, or tubing or even make a snowman or doing snow angel :( but all of these didn't stop us from having fun though.. we still did a lot of things that are fun... and it was fun because we did it as a family and with family members; grandma, grandpa, auntie Nae and cousins were there to share it with us... so to sum it all up, the snow was crap but holiday was heaps of fun...

Firstly we went to a trout farm and all the kids had a go at catching a rainbow trout, i think they all had a blast, then grandpa had to buy all the fishes that they caught, we ended up with 6 fishes (and im pretty sure i ate most of it, well none of the kids would eat it.. so more for me lol)

Also on the positive side, we actually get to see some snow falling the first day we went up the mountain which was really cool..and then it was sunny and warm the rest of the week that we were there.

Well even with the snow being not great, we still went about and did what we had come to do there, Both Chad and I snowboarded, i went to a snowboarding school for 2 hours with my nephews Jacob and Isaac and after that i was done for the day (it was so tiring, needless to say i was wasted). 

The next day we had a rest, and took it easy, we all went to a town called Bright and had a family Pic Nic at the park by the beautiful creek and the kids had a play in the massive playground afterwards which was nice.

And then we went back the mountain to have another go at snowboarding and skiing, this time the snow was even worse, it was so slushy and it almost felt like a glue at some runs..however we still had a ball, i finally got the hang of snowboarding which was awesome!! (it was my goal to at least be able to snowboard by the end of the trip) I was pretty proud of myself, I gues the difference between this time and the time when i first tried snowboarding in Queenstown New Zealand a few years back was, first i took a beginners lesson to begin with which boosted my confidence (a lot!) and i also overcame my fear of falling and actually going down the hill and most of all I didn't give up yay!! 

Anyway what i'm trying to say is it was a great holiday regardless! Thank you family for making it fun, enjoyable and memorable holiday.

I love Kellan's expression here

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