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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Good Sign

Our little boy is so sweet, such a good reminder and example to us, I'm glad to know that he's learning and a doer at the same time. Everytime i put him in his high chair he will now automatically folds his arms, bow his head and shut his eyes, so cute.. and then he says his prayer (well copy what i say) We're grateful to be parents of this smart sweet boy, we're thankful that he keeps us on our toes, makes being a parent fun, we hope to be able to raise him the way our Heavenly Father wants us to raise His children, we love him dearly. Thank you for being making us Happy baby.

I uploaded the photos in the wrong order and i don't know how to re-arrange it. He prays first then eats :-) lol!


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Shinobu said...

Kellan is sooo cute!!!!
BTW...I rearrange photos in blogger edit post page by click-and-drag.